About - GabeJade
One day as I was wearing my native African skirt and blouse, my 7-year-old nephew came running into my room shouting, “I want a bow tie that looks like your African dress with all the beautiful colors”. He’s my baby, so I immediately got online and googled “African Bow Ties” and “Bow Ties made with African fabric”, but what I found was blah. None of them seemed good enough for the little prince. So what did I do? Grabbed one of my dresses, my box of needle and thread, and scissors and started to make him one because……..uhhh…he wanted a nice bow tie so he HAD to have it. (My boy gets whatever he wants.)

At first, I just wanted to make custom bow ties for the little man, but soon after he began wearing them to church, people began to ask where we bought them, complimenting the uniqueness of his bowtie. After many, “Oh wow, I’ve never seen an African bow tie like that before” and “where can I get this?” I decided I should perfect my design, develop a name and begin selling them. After all, what better way to brighten the world than to share these beautiful, authentic, colorful bow ties with everyone else? Now, two years later I’m sharing my designs with everyone.

Hope you love them as much as we do!

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